Week Ending Friday 29 November 2019

Students on Site

We know that students love to spend as much time as they possibly can here at Beths Grammar.  However, please can we remind parents and carers again that the school actually opens to students from 8.00am in the morning and, unless there are any pre-arranged activities, students should have left the site by 5.00pm.  Even though there may be staff on site at these times, they are there to either prepare the school for the start of the day, or remain on site to deal with evening lettings. 

When students are on site before or after they should be, we are unable to ensure their safety especially as our qualified first aiders are in school between the hours of 8.00am and 4.30pm only.  This request is being made as we are unable to supervise students outside of these times and we can therefore take no responsibility for them, should they be involved in any form of accident. 

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