Week Ending Friday 11 October 2019

Open Events

Tuesday and Wednesday this week saw the first of our Year 7 September 2020 Open Events.

We have had some great feedback from our visitors and we were all really impressed with Oscar S, our Year 7 speaker, who on both days was able to stand up in front of a big audience and tell us about his first few weeks at Beths.  Other comments made by visitors were:

‘Our student guide, Uriel, was excellent.  He was a great ambassador for the school, answered all our questions thoughtfully and conducted the tour very well.  We appreciated the opportunity to have refreshments and the individualised tour.’

‘Our guide Samuel was very helpful and answered all our questions.  He had only joined you a couple of weeks ago, so very impressive.’

‘My guide was fantastic, his name was Aiden and he was a Year 7 student who used to go to Old Bexley.  Considering he had only been attending Beths a short while, he was incredibly polite, informative answering all our questions and extremely approachable a very good representative for the school.  I did not attend the head student’s chat or the Head’s closing talk so on the guide alone, I was very impressed.’

‘We felt the school had a good feel about it.  Teachers were very welcoming in lessons and our guide was very informative.’

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