Week ending Friday 27 September 2019

We were sent this great article from one of our Year 7 students – we hope to receive a lot more so the students themselves can update you on their experiences!

My first month at Beths Grammar School

I am Louis D, a Year 7 student of Wickham at Beths.  I have now been at Beths for nearly a month and the time has flown!

So far, my favourite lesson has been Maths with Mr Olu which I have three times a week.  I enjoy all of my lessons at Beths, but I do especially like Games and PE, as I am a very sporty person.  The food is great: my favourite place to go is the Food Pod at the Covered Quad, where they do amazing tomato pasta!

In MFL, I am learning Spanish with Ms Wigley.  Learning another language is very fascinating.  I learnt French at primary, so it is a new experience for me.  The language and culture dress-up day is coming up soon, which I am quite looking forward to.  I am not sure what my outfit is going to be yet, but I have some ideas…

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