Week Ending Friday 10 May 2019

BFI London Trip

On Friday last week, nine Year 10 students studying Spanish attended a film study day at the BFI in London. 

They were given questions to answer regarding the short films they were about to see.  Afterwards, they described film posters (in the new GCSE style) and watched a Mexican film, ‘La Jaula de Oro’, about young Guatemalan immigrants trying to cross borders to reach the United States.

There were also opportunities to participate, to learn new vocabulary and ideas and to know more about Hispanic culture.  Our students did an amazing job answering questions in front of a cinema packed with peers from around the country. 

I may be biased but I would genuinely say that they contributed the best information and in Spanish! There were gasps from the audience...  It was great! 

Thank you for a great day, Year 10, and you should be proud of yourselves!

Miss Price

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