Performing Arts

Lord of the Flies

Early in September students from all year groups auditioned for a chance to be in the school production.  Over 30 students auditioned making it a difficult decision to finalise the cast as there were lots of fantastic individuals showcasing the talent that is here at Beths.  In October the cast were given their scripts and the roles within the performance and have been meeting weekly to start working through the play.  As we near the dates for the play, the cast have been rehearsing constantly to ensure they give an exceptional performance.

In stage production, the Art department have been working incredibly hard to create several props for the show, including the famous conch and several versions of the pigs head that the hunters savagely kill and eat. DT have also got some brilliant ideas for staging and set design so watch this space for more details later.

The shows are taking place on Tuesday 20 March - this is a full dress rehearsal which will be performed in front of Year 7 during the afternoon, and on Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 March for paying audience.  These will start at 7.00pm and should finish at about 9.00pm.


Our Jack and Ralph campaign is now in full swing and can be viewed below.  Whose side will you be on?








Members of the cast include:

Ralph               Kavern Batchelor         9W

Piggy                Matthew Qurku            11E

Jack                  Jack Harms                    10E

Simon              Toby Abrahams            10C

Sam                   Noah Briggs                   11A

Eric                     Elliot Wright                  11C

Maurice             Leon Onyango             9H

Percival             Sam Tharby                  9H

Roger                 James Wells                  7E

Henry                 Harry Mugisha              8W

Bill                       Joseph Peddie             7E       

Naval Officer   Aymunn Ibrahim         11A

Littluns              Luke Sullivan                8B

                James Dawes                 8C